A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Kondo is a free, open source tool for keeping your software projects tidy.

It scans a directory, discovering software projects and allowing you to intelligently clean them, removing the non-essential files to save space. Non-essential files include logs, builds, incremental compilation output, downloaded dependencies, etc.

Kondo is available as a command line tool and with a graphic user interface. Kondo is cross platform and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You'll find releases for CLI, GUI, and more platforms on the github releases page: https://github.com/tbillington/kondo/releases.

Currently supports

You can download, see the source, report bugs, or contribute at https://github.com/tbillington/kondo.


Kondo GUI for Windows 280 kB
Kondo CLI for Mac 326 kB
Kondo CLI for Linux 615 kB

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